RA Studio Designer Clothes Tunics Dresses

These are

Made for the

confident you

designer clothes and accessories

hand crafted in rural India

made for the working class woman

comfort fitting clothes so you are relaxed

premium silk masks

we know what a confident woman looks for


We do not compromise on Quality.

Our fabrics are hand picked by fabric experts


You will love how our cloths fit your body.

You will look for days to wear our tunics and feel good


Designed by Veteran designer, Ritu Agnihotri,

limited stock, our products are hand crafted everytime

your needs are different

we know why your needs are different, so we design them for you!

locally designed, locally made, locally priced

dresses, tunics, lounge pants and more

premium designer cotton masks

designer clothing

beautiful prints

designer RA Studio prints with fabrics made in rural India

Dresses, Kurtas, Tunics, Bottoms, Jackets and more