beautiful hand made designer block prints and embroidery

environmentally friendly

No plastic used to make these masks

cotton is the most biodegradable fabric


Reuse them after a wash along your regular clothes

we recommend hand wash!

breathable fabric

made from cotton so you can breath easily

comfortably wear them for long duration

3 layers of cloth

3 layers of cotton

maximum comfort

free shipping

On Orders above Rs 300

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kids size available in

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customers sharing their experience on social media

cool girl

it fits my face so well. Went out for a run today and I did not feel like taking these masks off at all. I can breath and still be safe!


mr golfer

Never wore a mask when I went out, but today I wore this one and they were so comfortable. Feeling safe and still able to breath properly. Must buy for all especially for active people


punjabi couple

Yes. This is the new normal, if you are stepping out. #BeSafe

RA Studio cloth mask customer feedback instagram

boss man

Love how there are so many styles that my masks now complement my cloths


here are more customers sharing their experience

Masks reached my mom yesterday. They all loved it. she had stopped going out because she felt suffocated in the masks we bought from the local market. She is finding it a lot better now and has started going out


Ritu, your designed the masks so beautifully that one doesn’t feel suffocated. Thanks so much


Thank you for delivering on time.I took many masks as it’s feel so comfortable,and fabric  too good that after many wash it stays as it is.


I took so many masks to match my clothes! haha


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