5 Ways to Spice up Your Ethnic Dress this Festive Season!

With COVID not going anytime soon, Diwali too has to be improvised this festive season! Although we cannot meet our friends and family and have fancy Diwali parties, there are a few things that we sure can do. We can glam up, take tonnes of pictures in ethnic dresses and flood our Instagram and Facebook.Read more ⟶

We Make Cloth Masks More Fashionable and Yet Functional

A simple cloth mask helps prevent the spread of a virus and also helps prevent contracting a virus. The logic is really simple; a virus in your respiratory system spreads when an infected person sneezes or coughs. The virus travels in the tiny droplets of your sneeze or cough and can stay in the air (droplets are really light) for many hrs. altogether.

Face Masks Are Now An Important Fashion Statement

There has been a lot of confusion around the benefits of using a simple cloth mask to protect us from COVID-19. But today governments have come a long way to better understanding the use of face masks and finally most health officials seem to be on the same page.